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Design your own handbag from our carefully curated collection of styles and luxury materials.

Authentic Materials

Zelli Handbags is committed to excellence, expertly sourcing the finest materials from around the globe to ensure unmatched quality and authenticity in every creation.


Crafted using traditional Italian techniques, our alligator leather is perfectly rehydrated with the most advanced technology available, presenting a rich landscape of tactile patterns. Arguably the finest available, each piece exudes a soft, natural touch, encapsulating luxury.


Hand-selected for its premium quality, the panels of our ostrich leather are meticulously cut from the most prized diamond section of the hide. With raised quills offering an unmistakable look, this leather provides an experience that's as unique as it is luxuriously soft.


Our python leather, ethically sourced and refined, boasts intricate patterns that compel onlookers to draw close and admire the exquisite details. Each scale tells its own tale, revealing the genuine, soft texture of this captivating material.


Our fresh-tanned calf leather undergoes a salt-free process, conserving vital water resources. Rendered with a distinctive pebble texture, this soft luxury emanates directly from the master tanners of Germany.

Our Promise

Each of our handbags is a unique, made-to-order piece, crafted by artisans who have honed their leather working skills over generations. From the initial cut to the final stitch, every step is imbued with passion and precision. With us, your bag isn't just created, it's brought to life - a tangible testament to heritage and craftsmanship.