Vanna - Café Alligator

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Vanna exudes opulence with its exquisite choice of materials - sumptuous all-cafe alligator leather and lustrous gold hardware. Crafted from the rich, coffee-toned alligator skin, meticulously hand-selected for quality, and adorned with glistening gold accents, this bag epitomizes luxury at its finest. Uncompromising quality and style, Vanna's material selection is a testament to refined taste and sophistication.

The Design

The Vanna's expansive front and extended gussets present the largest canvas in our collection, making it an exemplary choice to exhibit the unparalleled beauty of our exotic leathers. This vast expanse brings out the distinct, luxury natural patterns, turning the bag into a wearable masterpiece.
Inside, a dedicated zipper pocket awaits, ensuring your credit cards and cash are always within an arm's reach, yet securely tucked away.

Material Images

At Zelli Handbags, we are unwavering in our commitment to sourcing and utilizing only top-grade materials, ensuring every handbag we craft meets the highest standards of excellence for our valued customers.


Harnessing refined Italian techniques, our alligator leather emerges rehydrated to perfection. Every piece reveals patterns that are not just visually stunning but also intriguing to touch, offering a blend of luxury and nature.


Precision-cut from the treasured diamond section, our ostrich leather is distinguished by its signature raised quills. A tactile delight, it's our softest leather, exuding a blend of rarity and sophistication.


Nature's masterpiece, our python leather is a visual narrative. Each individual scale beckons with allure, presenting a texture that's both genuine and inspiring to touch.


Echoing luxury and water-consciousness, our German calf leather is the epitome of craftsmanship. Its gentle pebbled texture is testament to its authentic, high-quality origin.